On August 6, the taxpayers of Harrison County will be making one of their most important choices, Chancery Clerk.  It is critical that the county have a trusted public servant because the Chancery Clerk is often the first line of protection for our most vulnerable citizens. Many voters do not realize the Chancery Clerk oversees all land records, estates, guardianships and child custody within the county. In addition, the Chancery Clerk is responsible for county tax dollars and serves as the Clerk of the Board of Supervisor.

The time is now for Harrison County voters to elect new leadership in the Chancery Clerk’s office.  Brian Carriere is the only candidate in this race that offers a fresh perspective, coupled with a strong moral compass, that will safeguard and maintain the financial responsibility owed to every Harrison County taxpayer he serves.  Please vote Brian Carriere for Chancery Clerk in the Republican primary on August 6.